Water Leak Detection/Repair

Water leaks are the most painful things in the life of the home or commercial building owners. Whenever three is a leak in the pipes or some appliance, people call the plumber and try to get the leak fixed as early as possible, but what to do when a leak is hidden. There are somewhat visible or invisible signs or clues that are difficult to understand for some naïve people in leak detection. Your regular plumber is not equipped to detect and repair the hidden leaks in your building.

IRS Memphis Water Damage Repair

Our company has expert technicians trained and certified and the experience to detect the building’s notorious hidden leaks. We utilize modern methods and technology to detect the leak in your plumbing and save your property and life of the people from any dangerous and harmful situation. Our technicians take less than half of the time to detect and repair the leak in the most hidden places. And you will get the most satisfying services with lasting measures that will keep you and your property safe from any such condition in the future.

Different signs of a leak

If your leak is hidden and you see any of the following events or signs, it is time to call the IRS Memphis Water Damage Repair team to save you and your property from the harmful effects of water in the places where it shouldn’t be in any case.

High utility bills

When you get a large water utility bill, it is a sign that the water is leaking from somewhere inside your property in a place that might be hidden from your sight. Don’t wait to see any damage signs or signals, and avoid looking for a plumber who doesn’t have modern equipment to detect the leak. Always choose a damage restoration company like ours to get the leak detected and repaired correctly. This way, you are saving your property and possibly the life of the people in the building. Sometimes a leak can destroy the foundations of the room or a wall, and the place can suffer substantial damage, and it can even result in irreparable loss.

Colored water in the shower

If you’re experiencing colored water in the faucets/shower, this is a sign your pipe has developed a leak underground, and the pool of water around that leak is getting mixed with the water supply. Now you have contaminated water not safe for use. It can cause a severe threat to the skin and health of the people who touch the contaminated water.

Pools of water on the lawn or the floor

When you see puddles on the lawn or floor, this is the sign that there could be a leak in your plumbing. This leak could be hidden from plain sight and could have already caused damage to your property and destroy the area if you don’t take serious steps to address the issue.

IRS Memphis Water Damage Repair team is equipped with modern tools and take care of the hidden and challenging leaks and restore the property in the least time possible.

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