Memphis about us

Message from the president

I appreciate your time and consideration which you are taking to learn about my company. The inspiration behind the company was the understanding and respect for the people of Memphis. Developing a top-notch organization to provide the most precise water, fire, smoke, and damage restoration services throughout Memphis was always the priority. If getting the best services is important to you and your family, we encourage you to call our company to take care of your valuable property.

Evolution of the company 

Only feelings are not enough in providing people with restoration services in efficient and affordable ways. You need certification and training with modern tools and gadgets. My aim forces me to continuously improve and evolve every member and instrument in the company. New aspects of training and certifications are a must, and for the tools, we believe in upgrading the latest models often. We have been providing relief to the people in the town in water-damaged buildings. But we never forgot to buy the newest tool and modern gadgets in making us up to date in taking care of modern appliances and equipment.

Continuous evolution has made us the most customer responsive company in the whole area. We pride ourselves on satisfying services by using scientific methods and modernized tools. Our tools allow us to find the hidden leaks, detect the amount of water behind the surface, and make all possessions as good as new in the event of damage.

Quick response

We know that our expert tools and scientific methods will not serve you very well if we do not arrive at your location in time. The quick response is the key in the whole restoration process. There will be no expense minimization without reaching in time, and you won’t get substantial relief from the modernized methods.

We remain to stand by for providing you relief on holidays at odd times of day and night. Our expert technicians know the importance of quick response, which makes you feel better. When our technicians reach the location within minutes after the call, the owners take a sigh of relief that now things will get under control and when we start our operations, we take care of everything like they belong to us. We take care of all the emotions and associations attached to the people’s belongings and valuables in the building. We work with empathy, and our every action makes people feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the restoration process. When we reach your location, we start our work, and every member of the team behaves in the most empathetic way and performs assigned duty for efficient repair and restoration.

Assurance and insurance

When you have an insurance plan, and your building has taken some damage, your insurance company will confuse you by telling you various agents and companies to contact and make a list of companies and individuals with their names and numbers. Then you will be asked to make a record of every event and expense. After that, you will get asked to provide all the paperwork involving expenses and repair. Now your assurance of restoration is snatched from you, and everything becomes a mess.

We know how painful things become. That’s why we have created such plans to work with most insurance companies, and we take care of insurance agents and keep a record of everything that is going along in the restoration process. When you call us, you are calling to receive the entire package. There are various expert, trained and certified technicians who utilize their experience and work great with your insurance company. We provide all the information about the restoration process to both the parties, the insurance agent and the company’s owner.

Disaster clean up

We restore your property by utilizing modern tools and state of the art technology. We devise the most affordable plan that allows us to restore your property more efficiently and less time than the other services providers in town. We take care of everything inside your property and repair all the salvageable items that could use some professional touch and services and get you back to life in the earliest. Our technicians are the unsung heroes who don’t wear capes but save the day, and you start your life again with happiness and comfort.