Commercial Water-Fire Cleanup

Suppose you think that fire damage and water damage are different things, and you will find other restoration companies in both different situations. But the reality is quite different than your thinking. The fire and water damage situation and their aftermaths are quite similar. The only difference is the burnt property and smoke on the walls. The water flowing from the roof also destroys the walls’ color and texture like smoke does. And firefighters use foam and water to take out the fire from the building, and when the fire is under control, you will see water all over the floor in the entire area.

IRS Memphis Water Damage Repair

We are the only company in town that runs on the philosophy of damage mitigation to save the people’s property from getting more water damage. When we reach your location, we take out all the salvageable commodities and restore them in the most professional ways so you won’t have to buy the whole product once again. We provide satisfying services in water and fire damage cleanup and repair. We focus on rendering swift services, saving the number of people from higher restoration bills.

Commercial Water-Fire Cleanup Process

The process starts when your commercial property experiences water damage or fire & smoke damage. You can call our expert technicians to take care of the situation 24 HR’s a day.

Emergency response

Our certified and experienced technicians are standing by in providing you the most satisfying services. We know that any delay in rendering the services will damage the valuable commodities and inventory inside the commercial property.

Damage mitigation

When our technicians reach your location, our expert technicians take swift measures and take out all the salvageable commodities from the area outside in the dry place. And the professional staff provide the most improvised services and restore the items in the least time possible to save you money.

Our technicians are trained and equipped with modern tools that help in damage mitigation and help in restoring the commodities.

Water removal

The water removal process is the most crucial one in the whole cleanup process. Our technicians utilize modern equipment and scientific methods in taking out all the water from the building. We use the industrial-grade vacuum and submerged pumps that take out water within an hour when our team reaches the location.

The inventory and appliances in the commercial building are susceptible to get damage from water. That’s why swift removal is necessary to form the commercial property.


The cleanup process requires the drying of water from the areas in which the water molecules have seeped through. We use modern tools and technology in identifying those areas that have absorbed water.

We use industrial-grade tools in drying those areas and save your commercial property from the harmful effects of mildew and mold creation. The mold and mildew will destroy the property and affect people working inside the property.

Final touch

The final touch requires the cleanup and all the damaged commodities and areas that have suffered from water and fire damage.

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