Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom restoration is not that simple and easy process that your regular plumber can take care of. There are various technical issues involved in the restoration process that require modern methods and tools in taking care of problems and issues that can destroy the whole home. Some of these issues will encourage you to call our expert technicians to provide the best services restoring your bathroom to its former glory before the calamity happened.

Our expert technicians get trained and certified and stop at nothing for restoring your property from the damage.

IRS Memphis Water Damage Repair

Our team takes care of your taste and requirement in the restoration process, no matter the cause that forces you to restore the bathroom to the level before the damage hit it.

Domestic bathroom restoration

When you want to restore a bathroom in your house, the first thing you want to remove is mold and mildew. If there is any harmful spec of mold or mildew, it will cause a severe threat to all of the family members who use this bathroom. The restoration process requires removing any damaged tile or faucet. Your shower requires a complete cleaning from any salt deposited or any debris that has blocked the hole that can cause an obstructed flow. If you want to change the toilet, we provide you with the most robust service for taking care of the replacement.

Bathtub and toilet restoration

But when you want to restore the bathtub and toilet, our technicians take minute care of everything involved in the process and provide you with the most vital services and restore your toilet and bathtub as they were when you bought them in the first place.

Drain cleaning

The bathroom restoration process is incomplete if all the drains are not taken care of. Over time, the smug, dirt, and soap residue all get-together and clog the drain, and if by the time your drain is not clogged, there are high chances that without proper cleaning, you will soon have to suffer from an obstructed or completely blocked drain. That’s why our expert technicians take care of all the drains inside the bathroom and make them as good as new so you won’t ah veto suffer from the obstruction or clogged drain for some time in the future.

Commercial bathroom restoration

The commercial bathroom is the place that is most used by the people in the building. The schools and offices are the places where the bathrooms get a significant amount of damage because of heavy use from more people.

Countertop and sink restoration

The countertop and sinks are the places that have to bear the damage from the people’s frequent use. After a few months, these things will start looking like they are years old, and you need to replace the products. But with the proper handling and professional touch, you will have them fully restored to their brand new position.


The toilet is the place that has to bear all the people’s load in the commercial building. Our expert technicians restore the toilet in the bathroom and restore the entire damage the toilet is experiencing.

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